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The Beginning… December 2, 2008

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Brian and I worked together at Home Depot.  I suppose we met sometime in January, 2004.  My earliest memory was from the “fish” meeting.  He was making everyone laugh.  The store opened February 2004.  Instead of cutting a ribbon, they saw an orange 2×4 in half:


We always respected each other and we were both in relationships.  It wasn’t until October 2006 that we found ourselves single.  He had gotten his own apartment, but had NO furniture.  I offered the mattress from my top bunk so he wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor, and he was grateful.  Two weeks later he returned the mattress and invited me to see a Blackhawk game, but I had plans.  October 18th I was needed to monitor a dinner outing with my karate family.  I invited Brian, and my BFF Chelsey and her husband Brian.  We had a great time, and this is what we remember as our “first date”.    🙂


For Halloween, we went out with my other BFF, Nicole, and her Brian… lol.  I was a French Maid and he was a Gangster.  They were Wolf and Riding Hood.  There were sooo many people there including a TMNT, an imitation Kiss band, a hilarious little person,  even Steve Erwin (RIP) and his Stingray!  We had a blast!


One day we were joking about how we haven’t had our first fight yet.  So I started yelling at him for not arguing with me and he said, “I’m sorry.”  This lead to me rolling my eyes and saying something along the lines of:  “Dear Diary, I tried to start a fight today…”  We laughed and laughed, and this is where the “Dear Diary…” theme came from.  September 22nd is Dear Diary day.  Yes, we celebrate it.   🙂


The holidays… Just before Thanksgiving my Grandma Shirley passed.  He met some of my family at the wake.  But introductions were short.  He supported me and loved me like no one had before.  I was extremely thankful.  Thanksgiving day I felt so bad for him because he had to meet both sides of my family!  Quite a big day.  And he was amazing.  Brian does not have any family near us, except for his children, so I guess I was off the hook!  He got to meet everyone again at Christmas, he fit in perfectly.  He got me the most amazing gifts!  We spent New Year’s with a few of my friends.  He resolved to stop borrowing our neighbor’s newspapers, lol.  This was also his Birthday, and I surprized him with a cake.  Then for my Birthday, he took me to see George Strait!!!  OMG!!!  Boy did I cry…

2007-new-year-0131  georgestrait-057-copy1  georgestrait-065-copy

Brian’s lease was up at the end of March, and we decided to stay at my apartment.  We went on some weird diet and nearly died from the flu.  But it was cute, cause we did it together.  Haha.